Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July Newsletter updates

July Newsletter.
Hi There.Welcome to the July Newsletter update from Torquecars. Firstly we welcome to our new members and subscribers. Summer is here at last in the Northern hemisphere and this means we can pay a little more attention to our cars and actually enjoy them a little more.We have published the following new articles

Spoilers - a primer in aerodynamics for performance enhancement.
Turbo uprating - Some ways to squeeze more power from a turbo enhanced engine.

Caliper painting - a simple mod that gives your car a sporty look, a step by step guide to caliper painting.
Polish or Wax - Do you know the difference between them? Which is right for your car, when do you wax and when should you polish?

Car care:-
Servicing schedule - how to service your car, a quick checklist of service items so you can save money and do the annual service yourself.
Emergency toolkit - If you breakdown and carry our recommended toolkit you will be able to sort out most problems at the roadside.

Heel and Toe - following a debate in the forum after the article on double clutching we felt it was time to look at the heel and toe method of gearchanging.

Drag Launches - After speaking to a number of Drag racers we bring a variety of launch methods to shave time from your quarter mile runs.

We have also have some Torquecars window stickers available which make a stylish addition to most cars, they enable us to spot each other out and about, and it gives members a chance to defray some of the running costs of Torquecars. A big thankyou to all of the members who have made donations already :-

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