Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sept/October Torquecars newsletter

Its certainly been a busy time since our last newsletter and we have added a large number of new articles as well as improving and clarifying points in existing articles and updating some of the photographs. Here are some of the main highlights section by section.

We tackle the subject of engine balancing, as well as discussing the performance merits of bonnet vents (and you thought they were just for show), we also cover the benefits of slip diffs and the range of diffs available. Following Badgers and Jakes engine swap projects we featured we thought we would take a look at engine swaps as the ultimate power mod.

Audi/VW owners will find a comprehensive 1.8T tuning guide in the respective Audi/VW sections (links are at the bottom of the site under makes and models!). http://www.torquecars.com/tuning

We take a peek at car interior styling with new articles covering car mats and car upholstery. We also look at the aesthetic appeal of motor sport vents. We know that headlamp conversions are popular so we look at the range of options available and also look at carbon fibre styling mods.

No Torquecars member should neglect the look of his engine so we have an article on engine dress up kits and also some tips on caliper painting and fitting neon lights to your car.http://www.torquecars.com/styling

News:We look into and compare the pointless and useful in car gadgets and take a look at how car makers are going to give us more powerful and more economical cars in the future.http://www.torquecars.com/news

Articles:With winter coming we look at winter driving in adverse weather conditions. Taking good care of your air conditioning and using it properly can save you a fortune. For the track warriors among us we look at cornering techniques as well as heel and toe gear changing methods.http://www.torquecars.com/articles

We have uploaded a set of preview images from the Kent Modded UK cars how and hope to add more (better quality images in the near future!)

We are pleased to make available a brand new route planner. Free to use for all Torquecars readers.http://www.torquecars.com/tools/driving-directions.php

Due to the large amounts of traffic we are getting we are looking to upgrade our server (again) to keep things running smoothly so please bear with us and we thank you for all of your support.

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