Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New forum at torquecars

Having listened to feedback comments criticisms and suggestions from Torquecars users we're able to announce the release of a new forum. Having moved the site to our new and faster upgraded server to cope with the high levels of traffic we have been receiving we are pleased to say that he is now a stable and performing at peak efficiency.

The new forum at contains an arcade facility where members of Torquecars who have met a certain the minimum post requirements are able to play and enjoy each retro arcade games such as space invaders. Members may also upload pictures more easily which was one of the criticisms of our older forum.

We have plans to expand the community in the near future including a member gallery facility and more discussion topics. We are pleased to see the growing international membership of like minded car enthusiasts and car tuners.

Users may also enter more information in their profile to tell the world about to their car, the modifications they have planned for it and a little bit about to themselves and what got them into car tuning in the first place. To view a new forum please go to

We have also recently launched a youtube channel to supplements the articles and features on our main a website please visit two see our channel.

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