Tuesday, July 01, 2008

June Newsletter for TorqueCars

It's been a busy month for TorqueCars - we have some exciting developments going on behind the scenes. Firstly we'd like to welcome all of our new members.
So whats new then?

We have prepared some cool TorqueCars desktop wallpapers for download http://www.torquecars.com/resources/car-wallpaper.php , and we will be adding more to these shortly.

There are also new articles on the main site covering sports cats, traffic jams, removing dents, silk/matt paint spraying and dashboard cleaning.
Forum updates www.torquecars.com/forums

I don't think you have seen our updated forum yet either if you haven't visited since January.

The forum has been buzzing with activity recently so thank you for all the interesting posts and topics. For some reason fuel prices keep cropping up! We have increased the perfomance of the forum so you should see pages loading faster.

We have uploaded a video of the drift car fire at the recent Bhp Performance Show in the Drifting forum.

Have you updated your profile recently? Please also ensure we have your latest email address use the Profile link (top left) to update your details.

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