Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New updates to our Car tuning site TorqueCars

We've been busy redeveloping our site. We have released an interim facelifted version of our site and we hope you like the new look.

We've tried to bring the site upto date, the old header image was a little dated and we never quite liked the way the bolt of electricity flowing out from the spark plug looked. So get over and have a look if you are into car tuning or car styling

Our new look is more in line with the type of car tuning and car styling we offer, we hope that people find the new look exciting and dramatic.

The aim was to retain as much as possible the look and feel of the old site but to bring it up to date. We are now using a content delivery network to ensure that our pages load fast all around the world and although we are having a few minor issues with this we hope to get them all ironed out and everything working efficiently.

We have chosen the featured tuning cars quite carefully including a concept design from Mazda which shows the cutting edge of car tuning and matt black Lamborghini with dayglow wheels.

As car tuning is getting more and more popular we feel that the site will continue to grow from strength to strength and we now boast over 16,000 members in our very active and friendly car forums.

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