Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Tuning News for 2011

Sorry for the delay, we've neglected this blog for some time but as you will find out we have a really good excuse.
We've been busy in the forums expanding the topics and now have a top notch and friendly community! We have also focussed our attention on the main Car Tuning sites home page and have created a much more friendly entrance bringing the main site areas within your easy grasp.
The forum is now looking better than ever on mobile devices with plenty of functionality. So be sure to drop by and visit the forums whilst you are our and about on your Iphone.
There are lots of things going on in the background, mainly to provide for future expansion. We are converting our CMS systems with a number of upgrades and hope to be rolling out a totally new designed site in the near future.
Stay tuned to TorqueCars for your cutting edge Car Tuning trends and don't miss out on the updates and new articles.

We've also posted a new article on the many drawbacks and pitfalls that we see with peoples car tuning projects and hopefully we'll be able to avert a few disasters.

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