Friday, October 14, 2011

Official car tuning site relaunch

It is official, after about 90 days of hard work behind the scenes and trialling new options we can unveil the new TorqueCars site (which is still in Beta so you have an exclusive opportunity to view our all new Car tuning site.).

More of an evolution than revolution, our users liked the look and feel of the site but found navigating around it to be quite hard.

We have addressed this with an all new menu at the top with drop down categories.

We also looked at the way pages were laid out when displaying categories and felt that this needed improvement.

We have taken this opportunity to update the page code and rendering engine and have knocked about 30% off our page load times. There is also a funky new mobile version that will be shown to people using mobile devices.

The new look meant we have had to update the photography across the entire site. There are still a few sections that we need to get to, but these are being updated as soon as is humanly possible.

Initial feedback to the new site has been positive with users spending more time on the site and viewing more pages. We have also seen increased sign up levels and are pleased to report that the forums are busier than ever.

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