Saturday, March 05, 2016

Torque Cars online magazine

We have decided to push ourselves forward as an online magazine. Hence we have a new domain and site to focus on this aspect of Torque Cars.

After much deliberation we have decided to focus on what we are good at rather than chase product sales or other aspects of business.

Hopefully we will attract new advertisers to our TorqueCars Brand and it will enable us to focus on delivering topical fresh content on a more frequent basis.

In order to survive we need to raise funds, one way to do this is by increasing the sponsors and advertisers around the site.

We have made the site more attractive to advertisers and have invested heavily in marketing to lift our traffic levels and help us compete with the large companies out there, despite running everything with volunteers working from home.

People still haven't spotted the intentional pun in our name - TorqueCars - we talk about cars? Torque Cars - get it? Ok then, perhaps you were one of the more observant people out there and we didn't need to point this out.

The primary areas we will focus on are.

  • Tuning
  • Styling
  • In Car Entertainment
  • Maintenance
  • Automotive news
The forum is gaining popularity with many regular supporters, all of whom we would like to thank for their loyal and enthusiastic support.

Hopefully we will start to produce a monthly downloadable PDF magazine based on our new articles or site updates and feature member cars and projects.

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