Thursday, June 02, 2016

Coffee stimulants for drivers

Stay awake when driving with a strong coffee. We look at some of the options out there and help you decide which one would be the best option.

The bean choice is essential - read up on the Coffee Revolutions guide to Robusta vs Arabica and you'll see that Robusta is the one with the caffeine kick but Arabica is preferred for it's taste.

Espresso - a short intense hit of coffee, offers a bitter taste and good amount of caffeine but coffee is a diuretic so you could suffer a headache from dehydration if you are not replenishing your fluid levels.

Ristretto - a very short shot of coffee, actually containing very little caffeine. The extraction pulls out the maximum coffee flavor but no bitterness or caffeine makes it into the cup.

Lungo - a long coffee shot which is very bitter tasting. It can be used to make a caffeine filled americano and gives quite a kick.

Revivvaire - a double shot including a Ristrettro and Lungo shot, gives a large caffeine hit and helps to keep you awake. When mixed with foamed milk and make into a Revolute you have the ultimate stimulating coffee.

Other options for drivers include energy drinks like red bull, and Monster energy

There is no substitute for sleep and energy drinks and caffeine should only be used to help keep you awake on rare occasions. More frequent use of these beverages in quantity can cause many health problems.

It's also worth getting some exercise which will boost your oxygen levels and alertness and fresh cold air and loud music can also be beneficial for keeping drivers awake and alert behind the wheel.

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